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Hello here is a new Coop Map played as Taki Guerrilla against US Occupants.

Liberation of Rasman

In this Mission you play Takistani Insurgents against Americans.

Players have to fight trough some little Villages,American Checkpoints and Citybases to Rasman Airfield where the Main battle takes place.

    Fight trough Zavarak,Sagram and Imarat,break trough american Checkpoints,
    Destroy US Fuel Storage at the Oilfield,Destroy US Firebase,fight trough Rasman to the Airport,clean Rasman and Airport.
    Edit: I also added a nice Ambush Mission.An Amercian Fuel Convoy is on the way from the Pakistan (in my Stories Takistan is neighbourland of Pakistan) to the Fuel Depot at Oilfield.Players have to destroy the Convoy and the Fuel Depot.Since statics can be transported and moved around by Feet,its easy to setup a cool Ambush.
    I also adeed 2 Crates with IED´s.You can use them like Satchel Charges but enemy dont notice its a Bomb.You can setup a Movielike Ambush.Local Informers will inform the Team about the Convoy Position

    25 Players
    2xBTR40 Crew
    3x T55 Crew
    2x Anti Air Truck (also Stinger Team)
    2x Technical (also RPG7 Team)
    2xMortar Truck
    2xSniper Team
    6xAPC I : Riflesquad
    6xAPC II: Weaponsquad

This Mission uses the R3F Arty and Logistic Script.This Means you can carry around nearly everything and load/unload/transport it with Vehicles.This also includes fortifications like Sandbags and static heavy Weapons.
Ive made 4 static Weapons with 50 Magazines,and invulnerable and with Marker added.So even the operators of the Gun are killed,you can come back and bring the gun somewhere else.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.

Setup of a Firebase and use of Mortar:
1.Walk to the Artillery Firebase in the Hideout,go close the Laptop and select

2.Carry the PC to the Ammotruck standing close by and select "Load into Vehicle".Do the same with the 82mm Mortar.

3.Now drive the Ammotruck to the new Fireposition,when arrived Unload the Mortar and the Artillery Computer.Take the Computer in your Hands and select "Deploy..."

4.When the Base is deployed the Mortar Operator sits in the Mortar,the Firesolution Calculator gets to the PC and open the Artillery Computer.
Select Mortar Position by clicking on "yourPos".Then Select Target with Mapclick Option.Select Number of Rounds and Warhead.Then you can calculate a solution.Click on Mortar Operators Name down left corner,and transmit the Firesolution to him.Sounds complicated but is easy in Real.

Credits & Thanks:
Nou´s Forward Observer Script (Enemy shoot Mortars on you)
R3F Revive (explains itself)
R3F Arty and Logistic (very cool! Carry Stuff around,transport,Ari Computer)
UPSMON by Krontzky and Monsada (makes the Enemy act believeable!)
Teamspawner by me (Spawns Teams of Enemys with selected Classes)
Simple Guard Patrol by Warthog (for Static Weapons,they search for Enemys)
Shitchat by me (Makes Radiotalks from time to time where playername tags are built in like "Mortar Commander "Playername" open fire on enemy Position!")

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Thanks, page added.