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#1 Posted at 2010-09-11 09:38        
Hi guys,

Realase V0.2 my template code name " CAMP FORTRESS"


This is the base of the U.S. army which is called Fortress.
This database will allow the U.S. army to conduct Oppers since Takistan to fight against the militia, which is increasingly violent in the country.
Therefore it is extremely well defended base because it is the only one in the country, is home to 400 soldiers, two A-10 helicopter and a dozen more than thirty vehicles.
The militias know too well that if the U.S. Army loses this basis it will require to deploy since Tchernarus.


-30 vehicles (HMMV,SUV,Rover,Trucks)
-14 armored (2x Bradley;12 Stryker)
-20 Unites
-10 Towers defense (2x M2 share towers)
-3 Planes (A-10; C-130)
-8 Helicopters (2x CH-47F;2 UH-60M;2x UH-1H; MHJ-6)
-4 Helicopter Combat (2x AH-64;2x AH-6)
-4 artillery ( 2x m119),(2x 252 mortar)
-2 small partrol US
-4 bunker

Realase V0.2



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#2 Posted at 2010-09-11 13:42        
Thnaks for releasing it here 8-)

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