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#1 Posted at 2010-09-18 05:46        

Ever wondered how many weapons you can fit in the back of your SUV? Can you fit two tripod mounted TOWs in the back of the HMMWV? An Independent Warfare Repair truck can hold how many guys again? What do you mean the US Chinook can only hold a fraction of the cargo that a BAF Chinook can??

With such questions rattling through my head and inspired by the lovely and now easily available config viewer and dev-heaven's cfgVehicles page missing the info I was after, I decided to throw together a PDF with all the cargo space (weapons, magazines, backpack and cargo seats) for all the ArmA2, OA and BAF vehicles. Enjoy!

Vehicle Cargo Capacity PDF

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Thanks, very nice work. Charts like these are a big help to any mission makers *THUMBS UP*
I made some news about it and you can find our mirror here:

I also added a link to this topic in our mission editing newbie FAQ ;-)


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Nice one. Downloaded, saved and printed. :)

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