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Island: Shapur
Game version: Arma: Combined Operations 1.54
Addons: BAF
Highlights: Cinematic intro, music and custom sounds (including voices from the original OFP campaign Cold War Crisis)

Download from: OFPEC or Armaholic.

A convoy ventures into hostile territory. The soft vehicles will be an easy target for vengeful militias and mines. Scout ahead and clear the convoy's route as the leader of a british engineer section. Or lead a small team of combat experienced mujahedin warriors and ambush the guardians along the way. The choice is yours.

The mission is randomized for replayability and may be played as SP or MP with 23 playable slots, in several modes. Guardian was built and tested as a hosted game. Functionality on a dedicated server is not guaranteed.

Change Log:
0.80 Initial BETA

0.90 Updated version with rendom IED's

1.00 Resistance group with new objectives added as new (third) playable side in MP games

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