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The Informant


Z Special Unit (2nd/51st ADF) has been garrisoning FOB Chryssalid on the southern outskirts of Zargabad for some months now. This is still a bustling and vibrant town, and has seen only relatively minor insurgent activity compared with other areas in the Helmand Valley. Patrols through the city have found and defused (with engineers) occasional IEDs, suicide bombers, and sporadic sniper fire on a weekly rather than daily basis.

Its market day in town today, and we've just received an urgent phone call from Azzan (pictured), one of our most trusted informants. He says he has some very important information, but refused to disclose anything more over the phone.

Squad leader, mount your team up and find Azzan (he drives a white pickup) in the Yarum market place, just north of here. Lets see what he has for us today.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

This is my first public release, mission is solid and has complete working task/notes system. If you miss an in-game message/notification, refer to the Task information.

It is designed (and perfect) for a clan game, not a public mission. Unfortunately its not a very re-playable mission (which I normally aim for), so best getting the whole team into it one night; it has a few surprises that will be spoilt if replayed...

Designed for ZSU's (Z Special Unit in Australia) Black Ops nights, which in addition to first person only, no map markers and no HUD, means that Norrin's Revive is configured with:

  • Medic only revive (one in each 6 man fireteam plus HQ medic)
  • Very long respawn timer: if you go down, you'll be waiting for a medic
  • No Unconscious markers

  • Squad medic has deployable MASH for JIPs (therefore compulsory slot)
  • BAF Engineer in Alpha 1 compulsory
  • 2 fireteams of 6 and HQ unit of 4
  • Limited kit availability at FOB: AAW Steyer F88's, Mag58's and M72A6 disposable launchers
  • 4 non-respawning HMMWV SOVs

Credits & thanks:
[XDF]Norrin's Revive script
A massive bunch of [AEF]Wolffy's scripts and ALICE module MP optimizations
Tophe's Guard Post script
Tophe's House Patrol script
[ZSU]Blakes AI AT_Adjust script
kylania's Marketplace template

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Thanks, page added.