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#1 Posted at 2010-10-20 14:30        
1. As commander deploying the MHQ into a rock which I haven't done myself in a game but discovered it was simply done by opening the construction menu and being beside a rock double clicking quickly on the rock.I assume this may also invisible to radar.

2.moving the MHQ into no-mans land either by having an ai drive it into the off map area or driving yourself but not respawning whilst in a vehicle because that kills the vehicle too.Then deploying MHQ in no-mans land so the other team have no hope of getting to it.

these are only 2 I know of but the sooner the game is refined so these bugs and others are eliminated the more people will enjoy the game.

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You might be interested in reporting the issues there, that is your best chance of seeing these things fixed. Take some time and read through how to report issues before doing so.