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#1 Posted at 2010-12-07 16:02        
I put this Unranked Domination together, has all BAF, PMC, SF, and US Unit/weapons/vehicles and tons of scripts that make the game experience A whole lot funner.

Save gear loadout
Deployable Backpack
Tow Vehicles/Aircraft
Team Leader Instant Mortor Support
Rappel From Aircraft
C130 Open and Close Doors and Ramps
Ability to load Ammo/Ordinance/Vehicles into C130 and all other vehicles.
Easy Load cargo Feature
Instant view distance action
Seperate Faction Weapon Crates
Realistic Practice Bulls-eye targets
ILS( Integrated Landing System)
FLIR vision for Apache Longbow
Ability to drop loaded cargo from C130 via parachute.
C130 Can now Carpet Bomb
Chance of IED Blast is often
Added FLAK cannon Simulation Fire over certain towns.
EDIT: UPDATE :UPDATE Funination v1.0
Click to Download Latest Virsion
Fixed problem when someone would get a not required rank to use certain weapons.
Fixed problem when mission would require csm2.

//////Working on:
More Realistic Artillery System
Mando Aircraft Hud
Mission FPS Scripts to overhaul performance
Beta testing/bug finding

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