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Hi everyone I have made 3 short films on the 3D editor and how to place a playerble unit and preview and edit your work in the 3D editor. I also explain how to edit the Mission.sqf file produced by the 3D editor so the the 2D editor can read it.
These short films are designed for people who have never used or seen the 3D editor in ArmA2.
As you can see in the Movies I am running ArmA2 Combined Operations and addon maps the 3D editor works on them all.
This is not a tutorial it is more for mission desingers whom are just starting out and do not undestand the setPos as I do not , Now you can set your hight in the 3D editor with out having to write code in the objects init.
I am hoping that more of you will jump on this and help me work out the other functions of this most powerfull tool that BIS have Given Us.

Part 1: How to open the 3D editor and place a playerble unit and objects then preview it and save it.

part 2: How to edit the mission.sqf so the 2D editor can read it as a script

Part 3: How to preview your Mission in 2D editor and use what you have made in the 3D editor as a mission Template.

Sample Mission Made In movies:

Last thought I never mentioned in the films that saving after you place any item is a really good idea as some time the cordinates of items chages but a few inches in game that can make the differance between a mounted gun being in a tower or howering mid air.
If after saving you find something has moved just move it back and save it again and they seem to stay second time round not to sure why that happens it is not everthing or even the same items it just seems sometimes items just move a little.
I hope this helps you make more immersive bases and missions if nothing else it is great fun to use.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this Artical please feel free to PM me If you know what some of the other functions do.

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# jerzeychino : Yo dan, got ur PM it was really helpfull,,thanks a million
No Problem Glad you like it I have found that there is a tool that will convert the SQF to SQM in the forums but now you know how to do it you might as well do it your self kudos for taking the time to go over it and i hope you enjoy playing in the 3D editor I cant wait until it is finished and I understand it and its functions better

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#2 Posted at 2011-01-11 18:25        
Yo dan, got ur PM it was really helpfull,,thanks a million

Questions regarding the 3d editor can be asked here:

This post is saved for reference. If the TS wishes he can post his initial post in the above linked topic.

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