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#46 Posted at 2014-07-04 04:04        
MSO was great, too bad Alive isn't as good as MSO :\

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#47 Posted at 2014-09-10 18:49        
Hey guys. I have made an MSO for Celle 2 for Combined ops ACE.

I created a base at the southern end of the map and want to remove some of the surrounding towns as active areas.

There are around 4 to 6 towns within 4km of the south base and would just like to remove the white ring around them with now enemies spawning there. If anyone would know how to do this, you help would be much appreciated.

Added 10 hours 48 minutes later:

I have attempted to create a 'case' within fn_initLocations.sqf to predefined the areas where i want the circle to appear on

case "mbg_celle2": {
	      {_twn = (group bis_functions_mainscope) createUnit ["LOGIC", (_x select 0), [], 0, "NONE"]; _twn setVariable ["name", (_x select 1)];[[_twn]] call BIS_fnc_locations;} foreach [
			[[8953.8779,2872.1206,0], "Hehlentor"],
                        [[8713.3105,3673.2678,0], "Gross Hehlen"],
                        [[5939.2715,4333.5938,0], "Winsen (Aller)"],
                        [[2390.0679,1200.5859,0], "Mellendorf"],
                        [[510.57928,3881.4961,0], "Schwarmstedt"],
                        [[2676.1155,4054.4041,0], "Throen"],
                        [[555.77795,5036.4629,0], "Hademstorf"],
                        [[4593.6382,5547.3818,0], "Meissendorf"],
			[[6049.5952,5724.019,0], "Walle"],
			[[7068.6426,4618.5986,0], "Wolthausen"],
			[[8398.5996,6194.5146,0], "Eversen"],
			[[11819.607,5791.8286,0], "Eschede"],
			[[8494.3936,8138.3608,0], "Beckedorf"],
			[[9074.1162,8904.5918,0], "Hermannsburg"],
			[[8323.333,9641.0586,0], "Bonstorf"],
			[[9539.6807,10090.012,0], "Muden"],
			[[10442.076,10669.802,0], "Fassberg"]
			[[6975.0098,11316.468,0], "Wietzendorf"],
			[[2940.7236,10906.308,0], "Dorfmark"],
			[[748.07214,11059.315,0], "Benefeld"],
			[[1673.1079,9451.124,0], "Fallingbostel"],
			[[591.92432,8734.4678,0], "Dushorn"],
			[[6725.4688,7992.3765,0], "Bergen"],
			[[4303.8477,8573.7129,0], "Enemy Strong Point"],
			[[1700.5291,2088.843,0], "Lindwedel"],
			[[11948.567,2318.3101,0], "Lachendorf"],
			[[7012.8384,6692.5181,0], "Offen"]];
		[] call _initNeighbors;

But even still after initialization it is like it is skipping my code and still auto creating locations

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