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Operation Bear Storm

Author: Jahid

Single Player Mission for Arma 2

Tested on version Arma 2 v 1.07

Date: 7/2/2010

Version: 1.0

Required Addons: None

Briefing: Before the collapse of Soviet Union, USSR army lunch surprise attack from LHD “Moskva” to USA military air base in Utes Island.They aim to control strategy airbase. The attack lead by General Klashnikov in 5.20 a.m, 28 January 1990. The attack consist of 1 Squad SU-34,1 Squad SU-25, 1 Squad Mi-24V, 1 Squad Ka-52, 5 paratroop squad and 1 BTR-90 squad.

Mission: Eliminate all enemy in military air base.(only 1 objective)

Notes: You can switch player to fit your play stail (by default "T") and give different experience and also as bonus you can switch to enemy unit but he don't have any objective (just for fun).

Known Bug : None at moment.

Warning: This mission using large amount of Ai unit, if u feel lag...pls low video options

Feedback: To feedback just comment in this topic

Credit: searchlight script by Mr-Murray


Direct link: w8 for Armaholic Team to upload it