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Good day everyone

Some of you maybe heard of our small team, trying to recreate the struggle of the Polish Army from September 1939, when it hopelessly tried to repel the German, Soviet, Slovak and Lithuanian forces on two fronts. The events we want to depict marked the beginning of World War II, the most tragic armed conflict in mankinds history up to day (hope it stays this way..).

With four main factions (Poland, Germany, Soviet Union, civilians) planned the content to be recreated is massive. We've been able to build the basic equipment of the Polish Army (mbt, trucks etc.), are working on the infantry and gear atm. Being just 2(sometimes 3) guys we did not make as much as it is required. The german side has been reinforced by Petrtlach of the ACSR 1938-1945 who donated the tanks, the Soviet vehicles come from respected members of the Russian community and our friends from Finland (FWW2). Yet, all in all, it's still not too much to fully present the variety of the equipment used by all involved sides of the conflict.

That's why we decided to look for help and enlist some new members. Fresh blood, enthusiasm and skill are badly needed!
- polish up what's been done so far (normal maps, shaders, shadow lods, sounds, configs);
- prepare the already made models for next production phases (UV mapping, scripts)
- bring some new vehicles, never before seen in the OFP/ArmA series or any other games out there
- convert the 3rd party content donated by members of other modding communities (airplanes meant here)
we'd like to invite
- 3D modelers, config specialists, and everyone feeling up to contribute to our undertaking.

Have a look at our Blueprints section to see some of the vehicles still needing to be done.

If interested, please contact us over at

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