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The Microsoft gaming landscape may not have changed much this past 10 years, but it has been
cultivated to produce the most eagerly awaited sequels of this generation.
As predicted in one instance and hoped in the other Microsoft chose its E3 2011 press briefing to unveil ‘Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary’ and ‘Halo 4’. The latter will mark the beginning of a new trilogy exclusively for Xbox starting 2012. ‘Combat Evolved Anniversary’ meanwhile is a “remade and re-mastered” edition of the game that launched with original Xbox back in November 2001.
Other than a tantalising trailer for ‘Halo 4’ depicting the iconic Master Chief protagonist and his A.I. sidekick Cortana, nothing much else is known about the project. One thing for certain though is that the original series creator, Bungie Studios, is not involved though it is being overseen by 343 Industries comprising ex-Bungie employees. ‘Halo 4’ is scheduled for Christmas 2012.

Of more immediate concern to ‘Halo’ fans is ‘Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary’ then, arriving 15 November 2011. The story-driven campaign mode will allow for co-op across Xbox LIVE and the game’s original multiplayer maps will be playable for the first time online. Since the ‘Halo’ series has developed along the lines of evolution not revolution, the old ‘CE’ gameplay should still shine.

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