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#1 Posted at 2011-06-20 18:07        
Hi there, I'm running ARMA2 CO + Reinforcements at Patch level 1.59 and need some Artillery help. If I enter an empty Artillery/Mortar piece (M119/M252 etc) as a gunner and use the Arty Computer to select say a Hangar on an airfield then eveything is fine and the computer says I can fire. However if I get some of the AI from my team to man the empty piece and use my map to tell them to "Fire at Position" (the same Hangar from the same gun) then my AI says "Can't Execute - adjust co-ordinates" everytime (also with different targets).

Now I've proved the gun can hit the hanger by doing it myself using the computer so why can't the AI do it, what simple thing am I missing?

PS The AI can fire the MLRS when I use the same setup as above so I know my commands must be right.

Many thanks............................................IanH

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