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#1 Posted at 2011-07-26 22:24        
Im working on a quick little mission just to get the feel of mission making and to work the kinks out, as well as a little fun mission to play with my friends. Ive created a mission where a team of SF gets picked up at the airport via Blackhawk (used the pickup script) and then unloads them at a destination where an SUV is waiting (couldnt put the vehicle empty) and then the team moves from that point to a small town where they take down a small force. Here's where my problem exists. I wanted it to be so that after taking out the small force i would have a small Littlebird pick the unit up a ways down the road but when i get there. the helicopter is not there, and when i search around its starting point it is not there as well. I would link my mission into here but i cant figure out where to pull it out of and show off. How do i script the helicopter to wait at a point for maybe 10 to 15 minutes until the squad arrives? or is there an option to call in a pickup from the little bird?

I apologize if this description is too long, Thanks for all your assistance!

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Here's a demo mission of how you might make your scenario.

Player starts in the barracks tent and gets a quick briefing from an officer. There's a Blackhawk coming in for a landing and the rest of his squad is outside the tent. The Blackhawk will land and wait for the group to board. This can sometimes be tricky, so you board first then tell your AI to get in. Then it's off to find the SUV!

The pilot will spot the SUV and land near it. It's empty. Once in the SUV set off to Shahbaz to clear it of the 5 bad guys there. Once the town is clear head to the LZ east of town and use your radio to call for extraction. This will call the LittleBird you saw at base to come get you.

Once back you'll notice the Blackhawk has landed now as well as the Apache that was coming into the airfield for rearming as you left. No sign of the A-10 though. :)

Let me know if you have any questions about how any of this worked.

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