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#1 Posted at 2011-08-04 19:06        
since i've bought a nvidia gtx560 ti card, i can run arrowhead at very high settings, (everything very high, but no anti aliasing). but somehow the graphics with night-vision seems to be corrupted. the ir-lasers have a very, very bright blooming effect with jagged edges. also sometimes the blooming only appears at certain parts of the laser beam, which doesnt make any sense at all.
with my last videocard (gts 250) the effect was much more subtle and looked better.

i've uploaded some pictures to my steam profile. you can see them here:

besides of that issue arma looks fine and runs quite smoothly, also i havent found anything about this "bug" in the search, so my first question would be, if this heavy, jagged blooming is perhaps normal.

if it isnt normal, i would be grateful for some tips, how to get rid of this bug.

cheers, twistking

im running: vanilla "arma combined operations" with both dlcs.
windows 7 64bit
intel core i7 860
8gigs of ram
gtx 560 ti / latest drivers