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#1 Posted at 2011-08-06 13:58        
guys love your site and helped me heaps, however Iam so %^&* frustrated I have done:
1.Install ArmA 2 anywhere but Program Files. Ex: C:\CO
2.Install OA to the SAME folder
3.Install just BAF to the SAME folder
4.Install just PMC to the SAME folder
5.Patch to 1.59 (will patch everything above)
due to problems initially i completely reinstalled and as above created another folder other than program files, I think it has completely installed and integrated to AO + BAF and PMC however when I try to update patch 1.59 an annoying pop up presents "ARMA2 AO is not installed on your computer or instalation is corrupted" I need help with this please I have all original discs etc CD Keys everything just keep running into problems.

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