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#1 Posted at 2011-08-16 15:57        
Hi guys, this is probably childs play for most of you but i just cant figure out what im doing wrong.

Im making the most simple respawn script using ArmA Edit:

// Armed Assault Description File
// Created with ArmA Edit - Version 1.3.4000

showCompass = 0;
showGPS = 0;
showWatch = 0;

respawn = "GROUP";
respawnDelay = 5;

Ive tried saving it in Documents / ArmA 2 / UserSaved /missions / "mission name".
Ive also tried saving it in Documents / ArmA 2 / missions / "mission name".
Then i export the mission to multiplayer missions in the editor, and try to launch the MPmission. But the script does not work, i do not respawn?!?

Please PLEASE, can anyone help a scripting newbie :)

Kind regards from Denmark


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#2 Posted at 2011-08-16 20:36        
It should be in Documents / ArmA 2 Other Profiles / Missions / missionName.takistan folder. Unless you use the same name for your PC as well as your ArmA2 player.

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