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#1 Posted at 2011-08-25 18:39        
Hello, my first upload to armaholics, not my first mission though. Hope you enjoy. I am for realism in my unit so there is no set mission brief as well as no ending trigger, so i will give you the info here and you can relay to your team.

Mission Players:10
Addons: Ace,AceX,CBA,BAf(optional)
Info: Ace wounds

Mission Data. Your objective is to move you team to Feruz Abad, and destroy the enemy presence there. In addition a hostage was take, and you are awaiting Intel on his location (Triggered in city).
Additional info:Do not Press radio button is for the commander to call in a squad of reinforcements to help clear the town.

Please leave feed back and let me know of bugs and glitches
Thanks to armaholics/42ndaar team

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