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Okay, I'll admit it, first time I played Arma2 was a year ago, that time i downloaded it from piratebay. The game run smooth, no lag at all and everything was fine. But now, a year later and i have reinstalled the computer, I decided to download the Arma x edition from steam, I payed 50 euro, and was looking forward to some multiplayer. After installing the game i launched ARMA 2, I started the campaign where you are at the hangarship, everythin ran smooth no laggs at all. But after the first mission at the massgrave etc, the game started to freeze for 10 seconds every 3rd second. In my frustration I just shut down the computer, that was yesterday. Today i lowered the graphic on Arma2 and tried the editor, it even freezes there, in the editor! Operation Arrowhead is ten times worse, it freezes on and off at the menu! I am so pissed off right now, why the hell does the pirateversion run smoothly, but the version i buy from steam is unplayable?

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Discussion about warez is not allowed.

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