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#1 Posted at 2011-09-24 12:29        
ive tried six updater and it works but the selection of mods sucks, theres not much, am i doing it wrong, and when i look on this site theres tons of great mods but when i download them and put them in a folder then in the ARMA OA directory, it doesnt work. so im very confused and would like some help so i can start enjoying this game and downloading mods like ACE2, JSRS, ZEUS AI, BLASTCORE, USMC mods, etc etc


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#2 Posted at 2011-09-24 12:53        
Every downloadpage contains a link to our FAQ explaining how to install and use custom mods and addons. In the FAQ you will find info, a video (or videos) and links to many topics explaining this into more detail.
I fail why people need to copy the info from the FAQ or those topics here for the info we provide and ask specific questions when stuck.

When you use the Six Updater and need info how to use it ask specific questions. I again fail to see the point in people have to copy/paste the contents of the readme or the Six Updater website to help you while you have obviously not read any of the provided info on how to use the tool.
Also, SU has a limit ammount of addons. Around 300 I think? (apologies to Sickboy if there are lots more already), while on this website you will probably find 90% of all custom content ever released.

Be specific when you need help, asking for how to's while not having read a thing is not done.

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