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#1 Posted at 2011-09-28 08:23        
Hey i'm hoping someone can help me out with my zombies mod, I have the mod downloaded and attached to the game and everything, then in the editor I can add the zombies and the modules to the map and everything, but when I start the game, I have no zombies, I get an error something to the effect of invalid zombies icon?

im thinking it means I dont have the zombies characters installed right? i'm not sure, if someone can help me out that would be awesome!

im fairly new to this yet, still working out the kinks

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#2 Posted at 2011-09-28 11:17        
Hey corbell56 and welcome to Armaholic *HI*

Go through this and see if you have installed it correctly first!

1st - Check The Rules! 2nd - Use The Search!