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#1 Posted at 2011-10-23 22:41        
A rather lenghty intro:
So i give you


further to be called as

22mb of Arma2 Scripting Command Goodness in 0.99mb, optimized for offline browsing.

So here will be some links for you:
As i said in the intro, i updated the wiki -
If, for some reason, they take down the link, they took down the link in less than 20minutes after adding it, weirdoes with OCD, if you ask me, so here is the direct one -

Information about usage (a.k.a. Tips):
*Read the Readme.txt and the ExtractingDialog, just so you can justify for me, when i get sued.
*The archive should work in any directory on your pc, and you can make shortcuts too.
*Default page, from which the links are gripped is Category_Scripting_Commands_ArmA2.html,
so for max usability you should make it the first page you open.

Things about suage:
I didnt modify the archiving software, it had a mind of its own.
I dont own any of the information whatsoever, its just like reposting GET TO DA CHOPPA
If pages run adverts (by BIS) while online, BOO-HOO, they are a part of the page, sue Wiki...

Good night everyone, you know i love you ^^.
Also, pics will follow later...

Added 5 coffee cups later:

And now, some pics.
Quality is terrible, of course

First off, the Decompression Dialog: "Because Terms of Service Didnt Sound Innovative Enough 4 Me :P"

Next up, the compression ration: "They Said it cant be done. I did what every self respecting human being would do - PROVED THEM WRONG!!!"

If you are lazy, here is a nice readme: "Its construction was fueled by coffee alone..."

Well, if you didnt believe me about the compression ratio then: "GRIN ON YOUR FACE IN 3... 2... 1..."

And lastly, lots of open pages: "Because i ran out of cool names >_<"

*pay attention to the adress bar

Now, that everything is working, i can sleep well.
Remember, request this to be stickied, and article to be written,
and call this problem free, until i remember that i forgot to convert link structure, at least
over and out :P. Seriously, sleep is starting to kicicksdcs insffdsd.... *falls asleep*

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