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Advance The Flag Mission Pack


Advance The Flag is a new PVP game mode that utilizes dynamic game play elements, zone capture, tickets, and alternatively instant winning in round mode. It focuses around advancing flags to speed up the rate at which you gain tickets. I hope it takes hold in the realm of player versus player for ArmA2.

Unique zone capture: The game consists of two bases, a battlefield area, and flags with capture zones. Unlike other kinds of capture zones you do not actually capture these flags; they are instead destroyed or essentially “knocked back to your base”. This forces you to start over in your quest to advance flags to gain tickets faster, as the closer you get the flags to the enemy base, the faster you gain tickets. The flag zone filling will shrink to indicate how much its been captured and at what rate, but the flag zone border will remain the same to indicate the real flag zone capture area.

Front lines: Another unique element of the game play is flag lines or “enemy lines” when referring to the enemies flag lines. These lines go perpendicular to the axis of the battlefield along the flags position and prevent you from deploying past them. This makes it so nobody is rushing past each other and frontlines instead smack into each other causing forces to clash.

Basic kit system: The kit system is very basic, but allows interesting abilities, ranging from medic and repair to building fortifications. For instance, the squad leader kit lets you see ALL the friendly positions on the map instead of just your group, and also lets you build fortifications.

Redeploy: So just how do you advance a flag? You redeploy it! You go up to the flag, and hit redeploy. Once you go to the map, you can map click inside the yellow circle that is around the flag, and if it’s a valid spot (no water or buildings in the way, terrain not to steep, not past enemy line or out of battle area) it will successfully attempt to redeploy the flag at that position. You can not directly deploy in an enemy base or collide your flag zone into the enemy base. However, you CAN collide with an enemy FLAG ZONE; this means you can technically bull rush your flag into theirs for some crazy fun.

Undeploy (micro mode): A mode activated in the mission called micro mode allows you to carry the flag and deploy it instead of redploying it. This makes it far more micro oriented and CQB; its better for smaller maps.

Tickets: In non-round mode, the game ends with a time limit, and the side with the most tickets wins. You lose a ticket when you respawn as a new person, and you gain tickets at a constant rate after redeploying the flag for the first time. The speed at which you gain tickets increases as you get closer to the enemy base.

Easy mission editing: Making an ATF mission is extremely simple. You put down a circular zone marker “BATTLE_POSITION_WEST” and another called “BATTLE_POSITION_EAST”. Besides the kits and vehicle respawn, that’s basically it. Templates exist in the pack to teach you how to do this and make your life much easier.

Safe zones: The bases are currently safe zones that handle damage by blocking the damage if you or the enemy that shot at you is in a safe zone.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

It comes with two missions as a template versions. Extract the folders to your ArmA2\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load them in the editor.

Mission list:
(each mission has round mode counterpart)
  • ATF Epic Feruz Abad (108 players)
  • ATF Gar Gar (54 players)
  • ATF Hell Village (54 players)
  • ATF Lake Of Graves (54 players)
  • ATF Sakhe (36 players)
  • Micro ATF Chardarakht (36 players)
  • Micro ATF Feruz Abad (36 players)
  • Micro ATF Nur (36 players)
  • Micro ATF Sakhe (36 players)
  • Micro ATF Naygul Valley (36 players)

  • Media:

    Upcoming Features:
    - Counting entire occupied vehicles as one person instead of just not counting anyone in the vehicle.
    - Percentage captured next to flag name in the HUD
    - Faint subtle beeping while you are in the zone area. (imagine this needing to be linked with the first upcoming feature)

    If you dislike anything else simply post a comment or private message me (Goschie) and I will see what I can do. This mission pack is not complete; there will be more missions added in future versions. The missions are very public oriented, and I hope they stimulate people to take matters into their own hands and make missions with the templates.

    Credits & thanks:
    This game has been in off and on development and testing for about a year. It has morphed from many different ideas.
    Thanks to
    Main Programmers:

    And all the random testers that helped.

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