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#1 Posted at 2011-12-01 14:11        
I uploaded this file so if any one has some time to look at it for me. When I started building a mission and I couldn't get extraction or insert to work in the same map. I desided to make a sample to see if I could get it to work, and no matter what I do. It just fails.

When the heli's land they should wait for the 2 teams to enter the heli's and well it seem to lift off before that. They come in for a landing and as seen as they touch the ground they take off again. The sample I fount on youtube were for ArmA 2 and not ArmA, How ever it should work the same.

I did some searches and it looks like I'm the only one having this problem. If any one can a look at it for me it would be great and just tell me what I did wrong. I have this mission just like the videos. and I all so trying it in ArmA 2 all so and it wouldn't work.

I have ArmA Gold Version 1.18.x under Windows Vista.

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#2 Posted at 2011-12-01 22:02        
Your link is bad, but just make sure you have this in the helicopters init
Heli1 flyinheight 85
Make sure you have 2 way points on your helipad (Loacated under empty-objects in the editor)make the 1st waypoint on the pad a load/unload. the second way point make a move waypoint right next to the unload/load one. In the onact of the first waypoint type.
dostop heli1; heli1 land "land"
In the Condition of waypoint #2 Type this for player1 and player2 (these are your unit names you want to board the helicopter, they are interchangeable with your own valid unit names)
((!Alive player1) OR (player1 in heli1)) AND ((!Alive player2) OR (player2 in heli1)
this causes the helicopter to move after those 2 people are in the chopper
Try this video for help, if you need an example mission let me know i might be able to scrub one together tonight.

Hopefully this all works, like I said the link to your mission is broken and you may want to use a diffrent site because the website your mission is posted on is red flagged for malicious software usage

whoops sorry, just realized this is for ArmA not ArmA 2, give her a try though they may be similar. (I spent all this time typing just to find out that you have the original arma, lol)

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#3 Posted at 2011-12-01 22:49        
You need to..
1 - place the choppers and squads/players (do not group the choppers with the soldiers).
2 - give the soldiers a 'get-in' waypoint onto the choppers, and a 'load' way point for the choppers, and then synchronize the 2 waypoints together.
3 - then just give the chopper the waypoints you want, and when you want the soldiers to get out just put a 'unload' waypoint and the soldiers their own waypoints from there.
I take that your not using any script mods with this, so that should do it.