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He fellows,

I thought I will open a thread on this great forum too. So everyone is informed about this project.^^
To the storyline:

The year is 2018.

25th May 2018 to be precise. At 05:50 AM the USA was attacked by a unknown force. Nuclear Bombs fall over Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Miami. Everyone thought the nuclear war was over since 1974, when the last one began and ended. You take control of several different persons and see the war to their eyes. On one hand Col. Steve Patterson, US-Marines Teamleader. On the other one Sgt. Lucas Anderson, Delta-Force Teamleader. Cpt. Thomas Havering, US-Air Force Pilot and Gen. William Cunningham, US-Army and more. You will see that the truth isn't always the truth. Conspiracies all over the battlefield of the USA. Get to know your enemy and beat them back where they came from!

To see screenshots and all available trailer pease visit our official website oder the official forums!


@FOX: ok thx

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