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#1 Posted at 2011-12-30 21:18        
Hello I have a problem when I start a mission on a dedicated server.

First I'll put my features:
- Linux dedicated server. (Last version)
- 1.60 Patch
- A2 and OA in Steam
- Ace, Six update version (Last)
- CBA, Six update version (Last)

The server starts correctly and missions as well. But when we use ACE missions, appears this line:

"Warning Message: No puedes jugar/editar esta mision; depende de contenidos descargables que han sido borrados.ace_sys_air_refuel, ace_sys_repair, ace_sys_easa, ace_main, acex_veh_brdm, acex_veh_btr70
ca\missions\MPScenarios\MP_Deathmatch.chernarus: string @str_mpdeathmatch_subname cannot be localized client-side - move to global stringtable
Unsupported language Spanish in stringtable
Missing addons detected:

Does anyone know what the problem?

Problem solved. Had to change the permissions to recognize ACE

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