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#1 Posted at 2012-02-08 08:52        
I'm (obviously) fairly new to this marvellous game, I'd appreciate some help.

I am unable to call arty barrage in multiplayer Domination. I spent hours trying last night on some Domination CO-30 (A2 OA) server in Artillery/Rescue role last night and despite my desperate efforts artillery refused to fire a single shot. Could someone help me out?

Mouse wheel menu brings (white) Call Artillery function which prompts up mini screen where you can select ordnance, number of salvoes and designate the target on a map. I do all that but when I click fire I get 'no line of sight – move closer (max 500m)' message.

I used range finder, had perfect LOS and distances 200...300m to target, found easily my target area in the map etc. Tried calling arty in rangefinder view etc. No matter what I did artillery still refused to fire.

What should I do to get the rounds in the air?