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Red City PVP Mission Package


Red City Mission Package. First package.
4 different multiplayer gamemodes:
    *Standard Version : 1 hour and 500 point limited capture flag and defend version. Main goal is capture the areas for gain extra score and some advantages. If you capture advantage points and strategic advantage areas, you can respawn at these locations. If enemies near of your locations, where you captured, you will respawn another near and clear locations.
    *Capture the Building : It likes standard version. But in this mission you will capture just one building, respawn locations aren't changing, no armed vehicle available and no weapon limitation. Score limit decreased from 600 to 300 and time limit decreased from 60 minute to 40 minute. Sides if lost the building they will lost their 3/4 extra score, that they gain from strategic building. If they re-capture building they will gain their extra scores back.

    *Road to Zargabad : In this version your mission is capture Zargabad. Tank, armed vehicles and other vehicles available. No air vehicles available in this version. West side mission is capture Zargabad and take control while defined time. East side missions is defend Zargabad. If Zargabad captured from West side while defined time game will be end and west side will win. The side, that captured Red Area, will gain bonus score. If west side bonus score is 400 or higher, west side will win. If west side bonus score same with east side or higher than east side and lower than 400 game will be draw. Sides will respawn just their main base.

    *Hardcore : This version likes Road to Zargabad. Difference between this version and Road to Zargabad is, in this version more vehicles and air vehicles available. The side, that captured Zargabad while defined time, will win the game.

  • 4 different version
  • changeable time and weather conditions

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo files to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.


    You have to play these missions with Veteran or Expert difficulty!
    Missions supports English and Turkish language.

    Credits & Thanks:
    Special thanks to Turk Muharebe Kuvvetleri (TMK) Clan
    Turkish Mod Team

    Forum topic:
    - Turkish Mod Team
    - Turk Muharebe Kuvvetleri

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