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#1 Posted at 2012-03-06 17:09        
I was reading through some of the help on here last night whilst trying to complete razor two. I had the 3 pieces of evidence and was speeding back across the countryside to the power plant to attempt to catch and arrest bardak. I could not find him so checked a couple other sites and they showed videos of him driving a white car between the various locations. In a mad attempt to catch him again i rushed back to the castle and just as i was approaching the crest of the hill, my team shouts that the target was located. To my surprise I look to my right and Bardak is quite happily driving through the field in a red tractor. Was not too hard to get him out and arrest him after i stopped laughing.
Just thought the forum might appreciate some comedy value from this mission as my experience of Bardak, when I finally got him was hilarious. Anybody else encounter the same??