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#1 Posted at 2012-03-10 10:14        


As Greek units was missing from ArmA 2 addons I decided to give it a try. So I'm presenting you a small MOD based on retexturing and config work, which adds Greek Units and Vehicles (air - wheeled - armored) into game.


Greek Tactical Infantry
Greek Misc Units
Greek Underwater Demolitions Squad
Greek Amphibian Squad (ZMAK)


Greek AH64D
Greek Army CH47F
Greek UH1H
Greek Airforce C-130H Hercules (original model by Rocket)

Greek BMP2 (in green and camo scheme)
Greek BMP3 (in green and camo scheme)
Greek MLRS

Greek HMMWV (Unarmed)
Greek HMMWV (M2)
Greek HMMWV (MK19)


All addons included are ACE compatible and no extra MOD or addon is required.
The MOD can be found at both BLUFOR and Independent side, so its easy for all mission makers to use it according their needs.
The MOD will be found under "Greece" class, as I said, at both BLUFOR and Independent sides.
All units classnames refered into an included txt file.
Greek Tactical Infantry - Greek Underwater Demolitions Squad and Greek Amphibian Squad (ZMAK) units can be found also as groups in both BLUFOR and Independent sides.


To Bohemia Interactive.
To Rocket for this excellent C-130H.
To the Community for the inspiration and help provided.
To my game team Hellenic Army Command Virtual (HACv) for beta testing.

Known Issues:

So far no issues have been detected so feel free to let me know if something will be found.


As the MOD is already using modfolder format, extract the contents of the rar file directly into your game root folder. Then add -mods=@Greek_Units to the command line of your executable file.

Download Link : Click Here


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#2 Posted at 2012-03-10 11:07        
Thanks for posting the release here now the BI forums are down :-(
News is on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here:


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#3 Posted at 2012-03-14 22:15        
Γεια σου φιλε μου Απλιον,συγχαριτιρια για την δουλεια σου,πραγματι ελειπαν τα ελληνικα σωματα απο το ArmA II.Εχω ετοιμο 3D μοντελο το Su 50 Pak Fa αρκετα ομοιο με το πραγματικο μοντελο με cockpit ετοιμο (για το cockpit δεν ειχα πολλες πληροφοριες οποτε το σχεδιασα κατα προσεγκηση),το θεμα ειναι οτι δεν ξερω πως μπορω να το βαλω ως mod στο ΑrmA II.Αν γνωριζεις πως και σε ενδιαφερει,στειλε μου.επισης ενα επομενο Mod θα μπορουσε να συμπεριλαμβανει κανενα F-16,κανενα mirage,τιποτα Phantom ετσι για γουστα.