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#1 Posted at 2012-03-29 18:08        
? ((_Heli distance (getmarkerpos "respawn_east")) > 3000): goto "SrtLoop";
goto "ContProg";

  ? (_loopFlg==1): goto "NxtLoop";

  _HeliPos = getpos _Heli;
  _BasePos = getmarkerpos "respawn_east";
  _BaseDis = (_Heli distance _BasePos);

  _pos = worldtomodel ???

  deleteMarkerLocal "Wpt";
  createMarkerLocal ["Wpt",_pos]; 
  "Wpt" setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; 
  "Wpt" setMarkerColorLocal "ColorGreen";
  "Wpt" setMarkerTypeLocal "DOT";
  "Wpt" setMarkerSizeLocal[0.5,0.5];
  "Wpt" setMarkerTextLocal "Wpt";

  ? ((_Heli distance _pos) < 200): goto "ChkDistAgain";
  _Heli domove _pos;
goto "ChkDistAgain";



Help Please

How can I use _HeliPos, _BasePos, _BaseDis in conjunction
with modeltoworld, or worldtomodel, which ever gets
the job done, to give me the _pos I need to create
a local marker approx. 2,500m away from _Heli in
the direction of "respawn_east", in .sqs format?

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As many of us do, I as well, come from a Flashpoint, Resistance and Arma background. I was a member of the original DSF clan for about two months, back when Hatcher was in charge, along with Deaddog, Joker, Thatcher, two german dudes, and my callsign was, and still is FullMetal.