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#1 Posted at 2012-03-31 23:05        

Let's say I have a D30 artillery piece... This D30 is sitting in the middle of a
marker having a radius of 400 x 400. Now let's say I have a bottle object found
in the editor under Empty - Objects... I want that bottle object to move using
the setpos[x,y,z] format, around the radius of this marker, never going outside
that radius, under any circumstance.

I will also want to change the Z-axis, or height, using public variables, while
still maintaining the 400 x 400 area restriction.

What math would I need to make that happen?

Thankyou for any help you may be able to provide...

As many of us do, I as well, come from a Flashpoint, Resistance and Arma background. I was a member of the original DSF clan for about two months, back when Hatcher was in charge, along with Deaddog, Joker, Thatcher, two german dudes, and my callsign was, and still is FullMetal.