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#1 Posted at 2012-04-21 18:28        
Hello everybody *HI* ,

I have two questions about the radio text you can create;

1. How do you make it lowercase?
man sidechat "Hello sweetheart!"
comes out to: "'1-1-A': HELLO SWEETHEART!"
I don't know why but it kind of annoys me and I've seen other people's missions with this.

2. How do you change the Crossroads thing?
[west, "HQ"] sidechat "Yo homie!"
comes out to: "'CROSSROADS': YO HOMIE!"
Crossroads kind of sounds stupid to me. HQ would be nice lol... *JOKINGLY*

Any help would be appreciated,
aereo *HELP*

To get rid of crossroads put this in init.sqf:

OVERLORD = [west, "base"]
For Lowercase you need to put this in the description.ext file:

class CfgRadio
sounds[] = {};
	class message_1
		name = "";
		sound[] = {};
		title = "Go now!";

then in the trigger, waypoint, unit init put:

this sideradio "message_1"
this vehicleradio "message_1"
this groupradio "message_1"
this globalradio "message_1"

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