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Special Forces Snakeplain


This is a mission I originally created for myself to see if I could do it out of fun.
Once I created the Fort with OPX addons and Map Editor Upgrade ( MAP EU ).Which comes with Many Great maps. I then started to work it into a mission for Friends to play.
also after playing it a few times I decided that the community might enjoy this. Considering some of us in the Community played Americas Army 2
and may have enjoyed playing the Original Special Forces Snakeplain mission.

So here it is. Its not the best but it is a result of some fairly hard work put into replication of the original mission.
I built it using ACE 2 mod as well as OPX for the Fort considering that most objects in Arma 2 and OA were not suitable to build the fort in a replicated manner.
I used the Default outskirts of Zargabad, though you wouldn't quite notice it if you were unfamiliar.
I tried to keep the mod addons to a minimum.

I have also been considering making other variations of this same mission on newer maps that suit the terrain needs. I hope you all enjoy this mission.
And would love to hear feedback,Positive or negative.

It has not been tested on Dedicated server as of yet.

NOTE: I recommend a team of at minimum 4. Otherwise your in for a battle that you most certainly will not be equipped for.

Added a Design mastery M4 variants Version of the Mission

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.


I love the community of Armaholic and Bohemia Interactive Studios Forums However I take no responsibility for any damage this Download or File may do or cause on your system/s.
In saying that this file is just a simple PBO file made for your ARMA 2 Combined Operations game and should not harm your system.

I wish to build future missions for the great ARMA2 Community and hope you enjoy this as much as I have and had fun creating it.

  • Added the AK-47 Outside the Pows Cell. Order him to pick it up after you free him by pressing F2 and then 6 while looking at the gun then select Take AKM.
  • Fixed an issue where when the intel was retreived the locations of the Stinger caches were not revealed.
  • Added Markers to the map that show the Locations of the stingers after Intel is located.
  • Fixed POW Issue with some code that wasnt supposed to be in there.
  • Added a Lockpick script for the Pow to be playable/Removed it due to issues of the actions not being revealed on the door of the cell.
  • Tried to Add Mortars outside the compound but the limitations of a scripts to make an AI arty barrage from OPfor side seem to be stopping this.
  • looked into Fire At will but its not fully MP compatible at this time and has to be activated by the player which isnt within mission Scope.
  • Created a another version of the mission to allow play with the Design Mastery M4 Varients mod by Hogthar and Mlacix. Due to the SOPMOD M4 not being in ACE mod.
  • Original AA2 mission had M4 SD with 203 and AcOG which is not available currently in Ace.

  • Credits & thanks:
    The Armaholic website and Moderators for hosting. BIG I APPRECIATE YOU ANSWERING ALL MY QUESTIONS.
    The community for puting up with me on the forums
    A thanks to OPX addons and MAP EU addons
    ACE Development Team
    My friends for helping me play test
    as well as my Fiance for the ArtWork of SnakePlainIntro.paa All rights Reserved.

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