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hey guys im making a movie named chain of command (it has nothing to do with the film.) so far i have made a trailor currently on youtube and i have a small part of the ovverall storyline complete and i would like to know what you guys think about the storyline and if ya have any coments+suggestions then please do anyway i have no link to it so ill copy and paste it below thanks for watching :)

Chain of command by
Kyle Mapley


The world 2012 is looking in "great shape." The arab spring has kicked many of the worlds dictatorships into uneasy democracys, This includes a country named Takistan which is lead by ruler:kyle mapley (kyle mapley who was originaly just an immagrant but seized power with a private army) who has led takistan to became a top 30 world military power! for such a small country it is a remarkable acheivment whilst keeping the oil-rich economy stable.However he has greedy eyes looking at his NATO and UN protected neighbours and plans to expand some way or another.......

Meanwhile in the country of Chenarussia there is war raging. The 2nd US marine corps has left chenarussia beliving the country would be safe, they were wrong! Soon after they had left, the chedaki (a major terrorist organization in chenarussia) attacked from northern chenarussia. Most chedaki members were russian ethnic minorities in the country and demanded the north joined russia a few years back. Now russia has decided to help the chedaki and claim the country. They have sent the 4th motor rifles to support the chedaki. They were a well armed and respected regiment of the russian army lead by juniorc bisho*p the acting commander of the force. The chenarussian president vlaimork stafj has left the country leaving the supreme command of the chenarussian defense force/army in the hands of dannyjec clark. Who vowed to protect his people from the russian threat. He has called on the USA to come back and help once more....

Back in the USA major general nicholas cottey (leader of the 2nd US marine corps) has been welcomed warmley for his efforts in chenarussia. However this was soon disrupted at his congratulations party by a TV broadcast by AAN network. Which reports the mass assault by russia and the chedaki on chenarussia. Nicholas immediatly left for an emergency defense meeting. It is unknown how the US will respond but if they decide to fight for chenarussia it will mean nic fighting the first major war of his carreer.......

Meanwhile in camp illuda. the chedaki leader luigi prance is ploting his next cause of action. Studying the map of chenarussia he concludes only to keep pressing south and countinue the advance maybe in particular spearhead an advance to the capital and gain power quickly. however his goals have changed since 3 years back and is unsure how to deal with the russian's after the war is over....

plot 1 threats.....

At the royal villa kyle makes his way towards town to a secret meeting with his good friend and 2nd in command dom (who controls many ministrys including defense) he gets in his suv and is driven to the mosque where the secret meeting is being held. "sir!" dominik calls out from the hall "what did you need?" kyle grins and spills a whole portfolio of files in front of dom "ready up the army, we need them buffed up before the invasion." "of course sir!" dom replied. "and another thing dom make sure the armour is acually able to stop a round from piercing it otherwise we will never take the objective." oh and ensure the men know how to hold a gun and refresh their drill. I didn't just mass purchase vehicles from our russian comrades and recruit lot's of men for nothing!" kyle walks out leaving his 2nd in command with a shit-load of files in front of him. "well....of to work i suppose!".......

wow the army does alot to protect us you know? but the french clearly like having......rather perminent guest at the country but the guest are another countrys army!:-P :-P :-P :-P only joking my french people please dont take this in offense well have a laugh at someone else instead haha south sahrani is just shocking oh that one still kills me hahaha :-D :-D :-D

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