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#1 Posted at 2012-06-25 20:16        
Hello there.I'm using the GLT Missilebox addon to add weapons to certain aircraft. For example, i'm turning the C130 into a full-scale Bomber with the FAB 250 and 500, and the MOAB. Now i noticed, the Missilebox also features those huge AS-4 Anti-Ship Rockets. Me beeing keen on taking down a russian fleet, i add the Weapons to the C130 with the following scriptlines:

this addMagazine "GLT_24Rnd_FAB500";
this addMagazine "GLT_24Rnd_FAB500";
this addMagazine "GLT_36Rnd_FAB250";
this addMagazine "GLT_36Rnd_FAB250";
this addMagazine "1Rnd_GBU43_GLT";
this addMagazine "GLT_3Rnd_AS4";
this addWeapon "GLT_MOAB_Launcher";
this addWeapon "GLT_FAB500_Launcher"
this addWeapon "GLT_AS4_Launcher";
this addWeapon "GLT_FAB250_Launcher";
GLT_bomblets = 145;
GLT_bombletType = "Sh_105_HE";
GLT_isGPSguided = true;

-> Should result in 2|24 FAB500 Freefall Bombs, 2|36 FAB250, a GBU43 MOAB aswell as thee of these Anti Ship rockets. Now, i can use any of these weapons freely but not the AS4. Since i'm using Mando Missile, mando punches in and swaps to the next best weapon i have, after i selected the AS4. Example: *Using FAB500, pressing F, using FAB250, pressing F, see the AS4 name in the screen corner for a split second, and whom, i got the MOAB selectet* - Usually mando does this e.g. to hellfire rockets on planes, where you cannot freefire them, but you have to use the MMA Hellfire Monitor, or launch them via the MMA HUD. However, the C130 has got none of them, no HUD apart from Navigation and the MOAB (Ground), and theres no MMA Monitor in the action menu. Still, there gotta be some way to get mando to work with the AS4, as 'Compatibility with mando Missile' is claimed on the GLT_Missilebox release page. My breif question is, how do i manage to shoot the AS4, and how do i get it to lock on target preferably without disabling 'mando Missile'. Hope someone can help me out here. Thank you in advance, lg - elli.