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#1 Posted at 2012-07-05 00:44        
Ok to be simple about this, I'm not smart. I've been looking through these forums trying to find an answer to a type of spawn script or trigger or something and honestly am not 100% sure if i even found it or not.

i want to make an SP mission similar to the style of the dayz mod. i have the undead mod for arma 2 and been aching to play with it. but aside from just having fun in a little town there's not a whole lot i can do.

i would like to know how to set up a type of spawning script that would spawn a tiny bit of BLUFOR, a small handful of OPFOR, and a fat load of zombies when im within the vicinity of a town (blufor and opfor for a bit of twist running through a place and finding some allies and sum hostile "survivors"). and when they spawn they're scattered about within the marker or trigger or however its done.

i know there's alot more to the dayz mod but the spawning bit is all i would like to know for now. that is if anyone can and would be willing to assist me with the information. thanks for reading and i appreciate any help i get.