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#1 Posted at 2012-07-13 14:29        
So i bought both the games trough steam to play dayz

first arma 2 starts up normally and good, no problems

arma 2 oa gives a 3d error first graphical engine,

Second when i play via the six updater it starts normally but when i go on a multiplayer server i get bad cd key

when i download patch it says wrong cd key also

i have BOUGHT the game, and im very much confused before i deleted all the stuff even in the registery, but it doesnt seem to work

PLEASE help me im DYING to play this game and i cant atm help me

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#2 Posted at 2012-07-13 14:39        
Hmm... you are the third today (if I recall correctly) whith the same kind of problem... All related with the DayZ mod. I suggest you try their official forum, as there are certainly more people havind this kind of issues. I think I´ve heard the steam version of the game behaves differently on some aspects of the patching process, but I´m not sure. Anyhow, I´m running arma just fine, so maybe it´s a mod related bug? Try their forums if you don´t receive any further help from this site. When it comes to arma, the best way to tackle a bug/problem or some kind of BS, is with patience *THUMBS UP*


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#3 Posted at 2012-07-13 15:52        
You are aware that your game requires a beta patch to run DayZ right? this one.

Check out this thread too, may help you.

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