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#1 Posted at 2012-07-20 19:26        
Hi all,

My first message here. Though played BI games for ages. Now the thing is, that most of our groups lads can play OFP and ArmA on their HW, not ArmA2 yet... Our next LAN's are gonna be mostly ArmA. Now I would like to find few good missions, that we could play directly, or I could use as template to create my own versions (i.e. port to FDFmod).

In OFP we have millions of good COOPs and VS. -missions. :)

Thakns for any answers!

^KK^ [FDFk]

Well, I don't know what retarded moment I had writing this, but even myself I find this a bit stupid. So anyway, the mission problem is solved. My friend ported Domination! 3.70 to FDFmod and Podaga. Also I found quite a many good templates from BIS original missions I could use for great PvP battles. Created one new type of PvP myself too.

Maybe we'll share these when they are well tested first. :)

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