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This can work for both a Multiplayer co-op or single player mission. At the moment, I am experimenting with both just to get my feet wet with a bit more complicated scripting and after looking for about an hour, I couldn't find a topic covering this. Now maybe I was looking in the wrong place, so I figured I would just ask where I looked for it. I am trying to get a unit to speak and say a pre-recorded message upon the completion of an objective or trigger activation. For instance, in one of the Co-op missions that is Vanilla to ArmA2: OA, you destroy an ammo crate and the unit leader speaks, and an HQ responds. How would I go about mimicking something like this? I tried breaking the mission up in the editor, but this wasn't fruitful unfortunately. New to the forums as of last night, and would appreciate any sort of help or direction. Cheers! :D


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I recommend picking apart Island Twilight by Rocket (Utes map) as an example
Basically you need a soundfile.ogg
Define it in your description.ext and finally call it in a script or trigger.
Recommend searching for the above terms, or searching as many words you can think of relating to Radio - wav2lip creates lip movement (created with .wav before converting to .ogg)
The text and voice (sound) are radio messages -- keep searching Armaholic, it's all here.

....that's all folks....!