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#1 Posted at 2012-08-21 06:24        
Hello Armaholic! I am going to be starting on a new campaign/multi-mission thingy on the Island Taviana. In this mission series you play as the Russians, and America is invading your land (even though taviana isn't russia.. just read the description i'm posting below.)
Taviana Description written by -Martin-
Mission Description written by ME!(Hoffinator)!

Addons Required!:
(I advise getting the RHS Pack on six-updater (at the bottom). If you don't, you will have to download each addon individually. But they are all amazing, so it's ok.)
Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
ACE, Acex, Acex RU and Acex USNavy. Good Stuff.
AFRF Replacer
RHS T80 Pack
BMD-2 Pack
BTR-70 Pack
Cargo System
Decals Pack
And that's it. Some of the tanks will be removed, but they will be used later in the mission series.

Taviana Background:
WW1: Helped fight in Prussia, and fought free of Tsarist rule, forming the country known as the Socialist Republic of Taviana.
WW2: The country was invaded by the Third Reich which forced the Socialist government and the Taviana armed forces in to exile. In the Soviet Union the Taviana armed forces merged with the Red Army and fought against the Third Reich. While fighting continued, the Jewish population of Taviana was deported to death camps in Poland while the native population of Taviana was forced in to labour, manufacturing weapons. Then, the Taviana Armed Forces helped the Red Army and together, they helped defeat the Third Reich and purge the threat from Taviana.
Post VE Day: A lot of survivors from WW2 immigrated from Lithuania, Russia and Poland. These immigrated characters helped shape the art and culture of Taviana.
Now, the Island is a socialist country and a big ally of Russia. They have permitted Russia to train their forces on the Island for the new war with America. It is seen to the rest of the world as a Russian country.

(98% of THIS background done by the creator, -Martin-)

It's 2014 and the US has pulled out of the conflict in Afghanistan. Slowly, they started to run out of their raw resources (Oil, mainly, but you get the idea). They then turned to their nemesis, Russia. Soon enough, after about a year of cold arguments, the US declared war on Russia. President Romney ordered a direct assualt onto Russian supply points, through Alaska. Their first target was Taviana, a island off the coast of Russia, rich with oil, where they have been training Russian troops for the last few months. They had planned to capture Сверло 3, an oil rig set right off the coast. The Russian navy did not respond in time, and therefor Сверло 3 was captured. Russia has also been running low on resources, and if this Island is taken by US invaders, it will cripple Russia, leaving them with next to nothing. The US have held Сверло 3 for 5 days, and The US has started sending tankers back to Alaska.

(I know some of it doesn't make sense, if you wish to give me advice, that would be nice)

Present Situation (Mission 1):
Your team is stationed at a Russian army base right next to the coast. The Oil Rig (designated Сверло 3), has been in enemy hands for too long, and they are sending you in to take it back. The Russian air force is online, and ready to assist. The Americans have no AA in the area yet. The US does have roving boat patrols in the area, but our Intel doesn't know what kinds of weapons they are carrying.
Currently, Russia still has good quantities of Oil and Ammo, etc.

Take back Сверло 3.

Leave base at Khotonovsk.
Enter boats.
Depart towards the Oil Rig Сверло 3.
Eliminate all US forces in the area.
Mission Success.

Your Air support will be heading en-route to the position when the mission starts as I am currently unaware of how to make radio commands. I am looking this stuff up now and will add it in later.
Typical 12 man squad
Air Support
Weapons, ammo and radios.
Assortment of attack and medivac choppers.
5 Russian Jets (3 different kinds!)

Translation help by Nuttex

The AI doesn't handle very well on the Oil Rig, so if they dont shoot at you immediately, dont worry. They'll get you eventually, I'm sure.

Mission File:

(You are free to use it to test. It's currently in.. "early" phase, so it will be updated often.)

It can be used as a MP mission, but probably more single player, because it does require some addons.

Removed Russian(?) from title. Lets keep it readbale for everyone here!

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#2 Posted at 2012-10-01 19:08        
For this campaign, you should wait until martin finishes taviana and the taviana armed forces.
i have an idea for the story: you will play 3 roles: a taviana military soldier, a resistance member, and a us marine.
initially you fight the resistance as a taviana military soldier, then you switch to a resistance member and participate in an assault on the main radio tower, from which you broadcast a message to the world. given the data recieved from the message the United states invades Taviana. i don't have an idea for a continuation at the moment.
hope my suggestion will prove useful.


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