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#1 Posted at 2012-09-24 09:59        
So, I have a mission set up to play player versus player where each team has an officer commanding a platoon using the high command module. I have the first aid modules all set up and running where they are linked to everyone. Mission start, everything runs great for a while, then for no easily found reason, high command and first aid modules both stop working. You can select the first aid option and tell men to heal each other, but no one will heal. You can still open the control space and select groups, but they don't respond to your commands and if you are on the map, the cursor doesn't change to be able to place way points. I thought my laptop was just being worked too hard, even though it was running smoothly, so I just deleted the ambient civilians to see if I could free up space. It still did the exact same thing. It just works for a little while, then stops. Any ideas?