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Search and Recover


A C123 of the USAF was shot down by a Enemy ZSU while taking reconnaisance pictures for a large-Scale assault the next Day. The HQ calls a nearby LSSC-Patrol to retrieve the Intel, before enemy Forces arrive at the Crash site.

You are supposed to move in-land with your Boat, until the HQ tells you to land, and take out the Enemy ZSU when you get eyes on. Also, try to take out any enemy forces and retrieve the Info from the Plane.

I decided to use both, the VTE and Unsung mod, because the UNSUNG Mod is quite popular, and definitely worth trying, aswell as the VTE Community is in great need of new Players, and i wish to encourage people to try out this awesome mod, which might isn't as beatifull (graphical-wise) than Unsung, but definitely has a big load of Features and Weapons.

This mission is fully play-able with Two Players, or alone (Teamswitch, Sgt. Cooper is the Leader however), so i'd like to adress all the lone wolves out there aswell as those who enjoy playing with a friend, rather than the massive ArmA-communities playing CO 32+ Assaults.

  • Unique Vietnam-era ambiente (1965).
  • Play-able in SP or in Coop with a Friend.
  • Emmersive radio traffic with the HQ.
  • Respawn at the River Side where you are supposed to land your vessel.
  • Featuring two of the - in my Opinion - best mods ever created, which are definitely worth Downloading.
  • Gunship Support and Custom Soldier Loadouts (Both are Medics and capable of aiding eachother)
  • Unexpected enemy Contacts guaranteed.

  • Known Issues:
  • There is no Mission-end. I prefer it this way, so that Player(s) can decide wheter to sit around and scan the area a bit, after clearing the objectives, or board the Chopper and move out immediately.
  • The trigger used to let the Chopper take-off after the team boarded doesnÄt work, so i added a radio Trigger on 0-0-2.
  • AI varies. In the dense jungle you can sneak up on 2 meters without them noticing, but sometimes, they shoot you from 200 meters through bushes. General rule: stay frosty, get as close as neccesary, not closer.
  • The wreck of the C123 tends to tip over once someone boarded it. If you are trapped inside, crawl out through the side doors. This is an Object issue with the UNS-Mod, and can't be changed mission-wise (unless i attach the wreck to some static object, might be done in the future)

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