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#1 Posted at 2012-10-08 21:59        
How would I convert an Multiplayer/Coop Mission to so others could try it out. I've looked at a lot of forums, as well as google, if they had ArmA2 forums for this question, but no results. So I just need to find out how to convert a mission.pbo file to armaholic for download for people who may want to use it. Any Programs or such need? Glad to have responses.


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#2 Posted at 2012-10-08 22:11        
How to Submit a file


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#3 Posted at 2012-10-09 07:09        
In that link everything is explained to detail. And you do not need anything to "convert" the pbo file. Just fill the submission page with all the info as explained in the link posted by Pirin and do not forget to add a working link so we can get the file.