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The End of all means...


This is a sort of prequel to my campaign Operation Chernarussian Freedom. There are a set of 2 missions and 2 templates included in this download. The first mission is the main mission with addons and the second has no addons in it. The first template is the airfield that I created to make this mission possible and the other template is the same but with no addons included. Release date is probably in a week.

After one of the US Marines top ranking commander's went rogue and disappeared questions started to rise. One of the questions was if Russia was involved. So after a meeting with High ranking officials debating whether the Russian government should be trusted, they decided that the Russian government shouldn't be trusted. But as all these debates about the Russian government being trusted, the rogue commander was building an army. Eventually the commander started launching attacks on Russian ships and placed evidence that the US committed these attacks.

  • (Soon) Dynamic weather
  • (Soon) Animated chimneys & House lighting
  • Dynamic Transport
  • Winning and loosing outro
  • Intro
  • Decent story behind it
  • Kronzky’s Urban Patrol Script

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Campaigns folder.

    If you think of improving this mission by changing the units, adding a new base, or any other form of editing in the mission editor contact me and we will talk about it.

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    Downloading now, looks pretty good and the story has had me on the hook! I wanna play it already

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