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#1 Posted at 2012-11-22 18:41        
Hello everyone.

This is somewhat dificult to put into a specific topic, because it might belong into different sections such as Troubleshooting, Editing Questions or Addon-related questions, so any admin, please move this in the topic you think it belongs the most, if this place is not correct.

My Issue is, that after a respawn in all of my Missions (simple Respawn = Base; with a RespawnWest mapmarker) several useractions which are created with add-ons dissapear in the list. Such as: Instant View Distance, >Mission Generator for mcc_sandbox, 'Apply Loadout' from @LEA. Other vanilla game actions (such as 'Weapon Binoculars' or 'Enter as ride in back') still work, and object-bound actions work aswell, such as Drag, Gear for ammoboxes and even scripts attached to vehicles.

It seems to happen only for actions attached to the player charakter. Is there any possibility to fix this issue with a more advanced respawn script ect.?

Edit @ Foxhound: As i said, it happens with pretty much any mission with a respawn, thus this could be an issue caused by the Addons aswell as an issue caused directly by ArmA II engine problems, thus not at all easy to figure out where to put it, because its not an issue with only one mission i've been making.

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Editing questions belong in the editing section. You have issues with the mission you have been making, pretty east to figure where to place this than, right?

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