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Talon Quick Ops Coop Pack


The pack consists of new missions and one of my previous missions and is meant for small to medium sized unit play. The missions take place on numerous maps and each is unique. They range from Co-8 to Co-27, but all can be accomplished with much less than the stated number. My aim of this pack is to provide quick missions for people to jump right in and play. All feature full taskings and briefings so you know what to do. I will be adding to this pack regularly and if you need some people to play them with, why not join Talon

  • Intense action
  • Unique Scenarios
  • Jump right in and have some fun.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Mission content:
    #1- Co-15 Fuel Depot (Proving Grounds): A rebel force raids a ChDKZ fuel Depot
    #2- Co-15 Crush Resistance (Takistan): Takistani Army is sent in to quell a rebellious town
    #3- Co-15 Mountain Ambush (Takistan): Insurgents ambush an UN convoy
    #4- Co-18 Hostage Rescue (Cindercity): SF team is sent in to rescue a local priest and cop.
    #5- Co-15 Utes Strike (Utes): Russian MVD team is sent to clear Utes of CDF forces
    #6- Co-27 Winsen (Celle2): CDF Quick Reaction force is tasked with seizing back a town from the ChDKZ
    #7- Co-18 Delta (Zargabad): Delta Force conducts a daring hostage rescue
    #8- Co-8 Woodland Patrol (Celle2): A BAF squad is sent to clear out Rebel forces
    #9- Co-8 The Market (Zargabad): A US Army Squad is set to relieve forces at a military checkpoint
    #10- Co-8 Prison Break (Lingor): Rebels must break out their commander from prison
    #11- Co-8 Celle Cops (Celle2): Some policemen are the first responders to a possible terror situation
    #12 - Co-8 Hell on Wheels (Celle2): USMC Convoy drives to setup a COP in Celle
    #Bonus- Co-8 Quick and Dirty (Zargabad): Rescue the captured pilot

  • Fixed Setobjecttexture issue in #7
  • Added: Hell on Wheels

  • v1.1
  • Added five new missions

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    I used this sequence @CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@ACEX;@ACEX_RU;@ACEX_USNavy;@mbg_cindercity;@mbg;@ACE
    and have this message