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This is not a request to make the script for me. I'm not looking for that. Unless something already exists that accomplishes exactly what I want to do, I have to make it myself, but I need help.

I want amphibious vehicles to spawn in the water, advance onto land, drop their passengers, and then continue to drive inland with the advancing vehicle to attack an area. I also want to be able to do the same thing with helicopters spawning on the carrier deck or in the air depending on what I decide to do, have them drop off their passengers, and then circle the battlefield providing fire support with their door gunners.

Finally, I want to decide what wave spawns what units, so I can configure the mission to continually increase in difficulty as the mission goes on.

I also do not, I repeat, do not want the units to spawn when the last wave is killed. I want them to spawn according to a timer. I also do not want wrecked vehicles or empty vehicles to be cleaned up. Dead bodies, maybe, but there's already like a dozen scripts for that.

Here's a pretty picture for your amusement.

I would appreciate someone teaching me how to do this. Unless such a script already exists, which if it does, I've failed to find it.

All I've found is this: and I'm not sure if it accomplishes the goals I seek. If it does, it's poorly explained and I don't really know what to do with it.

Now, I could do this the inefficient way, manually mapping the units and delaying their spawn until a certain trigger time until my map is covered in hundreds upon hundreds of units each with guys in their vehicles that spawn a second or two after the vehicles do and teleport into the vehicle, have them advance to land, drop their crew, and attack...

... or I could do it the right way, and have a script. That's what I need help with.

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