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Cindercity Slaughter


Taliban has taken over Cindercity!
Find them and destroy them. (said in uber heavy voice)
Inspired by Shacktac's Cindercity mission were they use the headless client.
As this was not yet publically available at the point I did the initial
release, I use a garrison script & DAC to get somewhat same results.

Wait, what? Hell No! Scratch that!
Rewrote everything: Headless client all the way! :D

  • ACE Wounding + Revive
  • 300+ Terrorists! - To be honest... I don't even want to know.
  • Close Quarter Combat Epicness
  • Headless Client!

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.
    Make sure your headless client is called "headless", as this is the name in the mission.

    Change log:
  • Total Code Revision! No more Garrison, wrote my own stuff.
  • All AI is now controlled by the Headless Client.
  • [removed] Garrison
  • [removed] DAC
  • [added] Headless Client!
  • [added] Set difficulty option
  • [changed] loadscreen

  • v1.13
  • [fixed] less cpu stressy :D
  • [added] more enemies! like twice as much :>
  • [added] more players & structure
  • [removed] UPSMon
  • reorganized weapon crates again.
  • overall tweaks & fixes
  • new Loadscreen!

  • v1.12
  • [added] ambience :D
  • [added] Revive Timer parameter
  • [added] Module: Environment effects
  • reorganized weapon crates

  • Credits & Thanks: - For helping me out with testing and motivation!
    Shacktac - For the inspiration!

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