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#1 Posted at 2013-01-15 03:59        
I couldnt find any help on this and FINALLY figured it out on my own. This the pilot/gunner checklist for locking onto lazed targets.
-Bring up FCS (Fire Control System) using [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Q]
-Make sure your muntions will have line of sight to the lazer. For LOAL FGM-114K, make sure the hellfire will eventually have line of sight. Essentially if the lazer is hitting the target from the back, you need to be pointing at the back of the target as well.
-LEAVE YOUR FCS UP WHEN FIRING!! If you close the FCS box you will not lock on and any firing modes you selected will be lost.
-Use number buttons on numberpad to navigate FCS menu.
-You do not need to "tab" or lock onto targets manually. Just make sure the above circumstances are met and send it. Munitions will lock on themselves.
I assume anyone reading this knows the rest already so if you have a question put it here and I'll answer or try find the answer.

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#2 Posted at 2013-01-15 07:22        
Since this is the procedure to use when ACE is active this belongs in the ACE thread!

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